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By Bryan Shupe | milfordlive.com

A medical day care center called Nurses ’n Kids is the latest business to announce plans to set up shop at Milford Wellness Village. Nurses ’n Kids provides programs designed to care for infants and children with acute & chronic medical needs, developmental delays and nutritional deficiencies that cannot be provided by a regular day care center.

“This adds another dimension of care at Milford Wellness Village,” said Meir Gelley, CEO of Nationwide Health Care Services, which owns and manages the site. “Now, someone with a child who needs special care and works in the building or the surrounding area can have their child conveniently cared for. They bring an excellent complement to the other services we offer.”

The facility will be one of only three such centers in the state of Delaware, two of which are Nurses ‘n Kids, owned by Melissa and Dante Cappelli.

“We’re just running out of space at our current location on North Street,” said Mrs. Cappelli. “We’ve been in our facility for so many years that we need a lot more space and an upgrade. We think a new, freshly renovated place will attract even more families to use our services.”

Cappelli’s mother began the business, introducing the concept in Delaware in 1988. She has been involved in the operation since the beginning, and after her mother’s retirement has been running it with her husband for over 25 years. She said this is a beneficial alternative to home care for medically fragile children.

“It’s very fulfilling to know that we provide a place for these wonderful children to go,” Cappelli said. “The parents can work and the kids can also interact with other children, which is very important. We want physicians, social workers and the community to be aware of this opportunity for children who have medical needs.”

Parents have to be employed in order for their child to be eligible to attend medical day care. Families are approved either through private insurance or Medicaid. Rather than child care workers, staff is comprised of nurses, certified nursing assistants, physical, occupational and speech therapists, as well as child life teachers and a dietician.

Nurses ’n Kids will be located next door to La Red Health Center, right off of Main Street. Because of extensive construction to build to specifications including a playground, opening won’t occur until late spring of 2020.

The first businesses at the Milford Wellness Village will open later this year.